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Firstly can I start off by saying that this is a very unprofessional service, I placed this replica watches order on Monday and I receive an email on Friday stating you do not have the replica watches I require, where as on your website it states you have 1000 in stock. I placed this replica watches sale order on Monday thinking I would get the replica watches latest today, as I require this replica watch for Tuesday. It is going out of the country. So could you please send out the attacthed replica watch for next day delivery. So that it can be guaranteed for Tuesday morning by 10am as I am flying out of the country and require it urgently. I am ver unhappy with the service provided so far. The replica watches sale was ordered on Monday last week and you got back to me on Friday and today you still havent got back to me. I need this replica watch sale urgently by tomorrow could you please get back to me asap. I have still not received my tracking information for my replica watches. I need some feedback about this because I ordered this replica watch some time ago and I would hate to have to take matters farther to get some feedback as to why I have not received my replica watch sale. It is very important that you respond with an update as soon as possible.

Firstly let me say thank you for your reply, my replica watch has now arrived, and it is a big, but the replica watch is not working. I am so disappointed. Could you advise me on if I could maybe get a new battery fitted. Could this be the problem or would I have to return this replica watch sale to you and go through the process of again waiting for the replacement replica watch sent from china/japan or some other far off place? If you check my order you will notice I asked for the replica watches sale to be sent in plain packaging as it was a present, the reason I picked your company because it clearly stated that it would be delivered within seven days, that never happened but I don't want to harp on about that. All I want is a quick fix if at all possible so I can deliver the present to my good friend, I have been so patient but all I ask is that you do what you say in and on your advertising. I kept my promise by paying, can you keep your part of the transaction by supplying fully working replica watches. After all that's what I ordered and that is what I paid for. After several attempts I have finally got the replica watches sale working but the crown refuses to go back into place. Now it is sticking out. Is this normal? Thanks for all your help and for your replies. I am sure once you have solved this small problem with the crown. I will be able to stop pestering you and maybe order a replica watch for myself.